1. Record in a well-lit room.

Film in a well-lit area or room. Make sure you look at the room through your camera lens and then test shoot a few times. Always play it back so you can see how the lighting looks.

2. Sound quality, microphone

A standard headset with a microphone should be adequate, just make sure that the sound is clear and no noises are recorded. Also, check the volume, it should be somewhere around the middle of the green bar. 
Many rooms or spaces make the audio sound loud or echoey. Test your sound. If the sound is bad, we recommend you purchase a good wireless or lavalier microphone. Also, remember the microphone picks up much of the noise around you.  So, if your team members are talking down the hall, the video will record it. Keep the surrounding office or room quiet during your shoot.

3. Keep your background simple

Find a space in your office/room that is clean and simple and does not have distractions in the background. If you have a space that is branded with your logo, try to film in front of it. Or, put a branded object in the camera view.

4. Clean up the clutter

Look around the space you are filming and make sure it is clean and neat. Remove extra papers, tissues, clutter, and other items that may look unprofessional.

5. Don’t be afraid to re-shoot

Practice makes perfect. Shooting great, professional-looking videos is a process of trial and error. Sometimes, the more relaxed a person is in front of the camera, the better the video.
Small bits can be easily cut out afterwards, and it is advisable to record a short bit of video first to learn from it.

Last modified: Wednesday, 17 June 2020, 2:01 PM