1. Moodle 

The online courses will be hosted in Moodle, on the same ceulearing.ceu.edu site you are using for your normal (blended) teaching.

The Moodle course will act as a centralized starting point for students to access materials, activities, videos, and any other integrated tools (like Panopto or H5p) - so students will be able to access all necessary materials from one central place. 

We will create the courses in Moodle as they are registered in SITS (so you will see the course listed after login on your dashboard). If you need to work on your course before this happens, please send a request with the name of the course, department, (optionally TA-s, co-teachers) and the course will be created. 

2. Previous course contents 

You can use the “import” function to copy previous content to the online course if you have recurring content.  
Help about import

3. Moodle activities / upload materials

You can prepare your materials and asynchronous activities normally (upload files, create activities like assignments, forums, quizzes).

You can find help materials about technical questions and Moodle activities here:  https://ceulearning.ceu.edu/mod/book/view.php?id=75454

If you need assistance regarding Moodle please contact me.

If you need ideas and help regarding pedagogical planning, check out the CTL courses: https://ceulearning.ceu.edu/course/view.php?id=11174

Online teaching sample course: https://ceulearning.ceu.edu/course/view.php?id=11196

4. Asynchronous teaching / lectures (with Panopto)

Panopto is an online video platform. It enables you to create, share, and stream videos. CEU has a subscription to the service, and now it is integrated into Moodle.

To use Panopto (click on the links for details, step by step guides):

Note: It may be already connected if your coordinator did it for you when the course was created. If this is so, you will find the Panopto block at the block section of your course.

Download the Panopto software on your desktop computer/laptop and record the videos. You may record basic videos online, directly from the browser. If you already have the videos on your computer, you can upload them to Panopto.

You can link the videos into any place in your course where you have the Moodle word processor - into a section summary, label, page, or the description of an activity. 

5. Synchronous teaching 

You can stream lectures with Zoom or Teams. You need to create the meetings in Zoom or Teams, then you can share the links in your Moodle course to enable students to connect.

If you need assistance regarding these tools, you can find help materials below, or contact the Classroom Support.

    • how to set up an online classroom for discussion in MICROSOFT TEAMS.
    • CEU has a subscription to Zoom - you need to contact the Classroom Support if you need access. After you have access to the CEU subscription with your CEU email address, you will be able to create Zoom meetings directly from Moodle. Add an activity or resource > advanced activities > Zoom meeting.
      Detailed help
      Zoom tutorials

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