Coordinator Guide

I. Course Creation
a) New course
b) Multi-group courses
c) Changes in SITS
d) Copy contents between two existing courses (import)

II. Folders
a) Students view of folders (categories)
b) Coordinator view (manage courses - moving courses, creating folders, sort courses alphabetically, delete courses, hide multiple courses easily)

III. Give access to students / professors
a) Course accessibility  (Enrollment key, Hidden course, Self-enrollment)
How to assign a co-teacher or TA?  (or a student manually, different roles in Moodle)
c) How to open the course for non-CEU users (Guests)
d) External users / users not created (yet) 
e) Give visitor role to a folder

IV. Visible / not visible
a) Course accessibility  (Hidden course)
b) Visibility of Course Contents (readings, activities, sections)

V. Possibilities "outside" a course
a) Course summary
b) Folder summary

VI. Basic Course Editing
a) How to upload readings/materials?
b) How should I add text to the Course?
c) How to communicate with students?
for more details see the Course editing Faq.

VII. Create Activities (give tasks to students)
- see the Course editing Faq

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