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CEU Members

- Make sure you are using your Microsoft (Office 365) username and password. You cannot change the password on the E-learning site, but if you change your password at portal.office.com, you will need to use the new password for e-learning as well.
- Check if you can log in to your Microsoft email at portal.office.com. The Microsoft password needs to be changed every year and Moodle will not allow you to log in until you change your password there.
- Do you (still) have a valid contract/active student status in CEU? You lose access to Moodle after your contract is expired (alumni accounts do not have access by default). If you need further access, please contact your coordinator. 

If you still have any problems with login, please contact CEU Helpdesk or call #2000

External users

If you are not a CEU student, so you do not have a CEU Microsoft username (your are taking part an external program or “visiting” a class) then you have received an email with your username/password from your coordinator/contact person.
In case it does not work, you forgotten it, or would like to change it, use the following link (you have to fill out only one field!)
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