New in Moodle from 2018/19

1. Merged Participants and enrolments page
Teachers can now enrol, search, filter and bulk edit or delete learners from a new single Participants and Enrolments screen.
Detailed help:

Access control: The custom menu enabling the quick change of self-enrolment and guest access for the courses is available from a separate "access control" menu from administration
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2. Directly record sound and video from editor

Buttons in the Text editor of Moodle now allow you to record videos or audio directly into Moodle if your device has a camera/microphone. This is usable for quick, short responses, the time limit is 2 minutes. This feature could be really handy with forum posts. Details:

3. Interactive videos and presentations with H5p

Create interactive presentations and videos with a new, user friendly method directly from Moodle. Note: the activities created could be used for practice activities for now (no grading available)
How to create one? (quick, without interactive elements)
How to create one? (detailed)

3. Download materials block

The Download Materials block provides a way to download multiple files from a Moodle course at one time. You may choose to download files from a single section or from the entire course. If the block has been added to the course, it will be available to both instructors and students. However, students will only be able to download files that are not hidden from them in the course. This block is disabled by default, you need to add it to your course if you would like to enable it (Turn editing on > Add a block (bottom left of the drawer) > download materials).

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Other improvements:

- It is possible to set a 'Grade by' reminder in assignments

- During the assignment setup, it is possible to choose which file types students can submit.

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