1. New theme available for a modern, improved layout.


  • Based on the Moove theme (with elements from Snap, Adaptable and the old CEUboost theme)
  • Improved Drawer / Block menu design. Accessible buttons, you can quickly change between full screen/block view
  • Redesigned course header, activity menus, activity links, new icon set
  • New setting to add a new section any place in the course
  • Header image for courses (5 random CEU building images). If you upload an image into the course summary (in the course settings menu), it is overridden. (An uploaded, empty txt file remove the header image altogether, it is not displayed, just acts as a placeholder)
  • External course template: If you manually select the theme "Moove" at course settings > appearance > force theme - you will still use Moove, but the default footer/header menus will disappear - so no unnecessary information will be visible for the external users.
  • If you would like to use the old, CEUboost theme for your course, you can do so. Just change the course settings > appearance > force theme to "CEUboost".

2. Moodle - Panopto integration to support videos in your courses

Short videos, like greetings and introductions in a forum, can be recorded directly from Moodle (2 minutes)  Help: Record short audio and video directly from Moodle

For longer videos, you can use Panopto, 
an online video platform. It enables you to create, share, and stream videos. CEU has a subscription to the service, and now it is integrated into Moodle.

To use Panopto (click on the links for details, step by step guides):

Note: It may be already connected if your coordinator did it for you when the course was created. If this is so, you will find the Panopto block at the block section of your course.

Download the Panopto software on your desktop computer/laptop and record the videos. You may record basic videos online, directly from the browser. If you already have the videos on your computer, you can upload them to Panopto.

You can link the videos into any place in your course where you have the Moodle word processor - into a section summary, label, page, or the description of an activity. 

If you need further help regarding Panopto, contact the classroom support.

3. Other software

a) Zoom / Teams 

You can stream lectures with Zoom or Teams. You need to create the meetings in Zoom or Teams, then you can share the links in your Moodle course to enable students to connect.

If you need assistance regarding these tools, you can find help materials below, or contact the Classroom Support.

    • how to set up an online classroom for discussion in MICROSOFT TEAMS.
    • CEU has a subscription to Zoom - you need to contact the Classroom Support if you need access. After you have access to the CEU subscription with your CEU email address, you will be able to create Zoom meetings directly from Moodle. Add an activity or resource > advanced activities > Zoom meeting.
      Detailed help
      Zoom tutorials

You can use a direct link from a Moodle course to create (then later access) a Group chat in Teams.
        Use this link as a base, just change the user1@ceu.edu - etc. part into valid email addresses of the users separated by commas. Then save the link into your course - and it will create a group chat with the participants in Teams.
        https://teams.microsoft.com/l/chat/0/0?users=user1@ceu.edu,user2@ceu.edu&topicName=Course Group chat

b) Perusall
External tool for sharing / annotating readings. 
Basic info (video)
Detailed article

If you would like to use Perusall for your course, Turn editing on > add an activity or resource and select "External Tool" from the advanced activities list.  Add a title and from the Preconfigured tool dropdown select Perusall.  You do not need to change any other settings.

This link will act as a gateway between the course and Perusall for both instructors and students. As you use the link from Moodle, it will automatically create a page for your course in Perusall and an account.

You can start to use the software, upload readings, etc. You can use just Perusall for storing the readings or link the readings back into the Moodle page with the URLs.
Help materials:

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