E/M with Institutions and Actors in Policy Process for Year 1 MPA and One-year MAPP students (students must choose this or the Institutions and Actors in Policy Process)

Elective course for Mundus MAPP students

This course provides an intensive introduction to the history, concepts and debates concerning global governance and public policy at the global level. It begins by considering conceptual foundations, with a particular focus on public goods at a global level, and the historical evolution of global governance. It proceeds to consider key institutions and actors in global public policy, before applying these to applied policy case studies. It then considers how global governance is evolving under the influence of a combination of rising powers led by China and changes in the politics of globalization in the West. It concludes by exploring scenarios for global governance going forward at a time when, despite an unprecedented need for global policy that effectively addresses global problems, the challenges that this entails appear formidable.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course, students will:

Be literate in key themes, concepts and debates concerning global governance and public policy;
Be able to apply these to practical problems;
Have gained knowledge about the history, configuration, and construction of the broader political, economic and social spheres their desired future actions are embedded in.
Regular participation in class discussions and group work: 10%

Presentation (in teams): 20%

Midterm assignment (20%): a brief op-ed article on a topic selected from a list provided. The paper is of less than 650 words of length, and is evaluated on the basis of its substance and clarity, and on the quality of writing.

Final policy paper (50%): The goal of the paper (up to 2500 words) is to discuss a key problem/issue in global governance and public policy, the track record of efforts to address it and potential alternative approaches/reforms.