The aim of the seminar is to offer practical help for second-year Cultural Heritage students to work out the content and structure of their thesis based on their defended thesis prospectus. They will prepare research materials and presentations to show their critical approach to existing literature, to develop their own approach to the topic and to summarize the results of the research. In this way, it is intended that students will finalize the structure of the thesis by the end of the term and produce one analytical chapter from their thesis. All presentations will be discussed by their peers and the instructors over the course of the seminar.
The work of 2nd-year students will also be connected to thesis planning preparations of the 1st-year students. The group of 2nd-year Cultural Heritage students will contribute to the discussion and evaluation of thesis proposals prepared by 1st-year students, while 1st-year students will take part in the discussion of thesis chapters prepared by 2nd-year students.