Download all course materials

1. For desktop computers (windows)

There is no direct function available, you can still download the files from a course relatively quickly with the following method: 

If it is enabled in your browser, you can just push the ALT button and (left)click on the files one by one, then these will be sent to your default download folder directly. 

Note: This may not work from all browsers from a Mac, but should work with Safari. 
If it asks for the download location, you need to change your settings.

For example in Chrome: Deselect the "ask where to save each file before downloading" option.


2. From a mobile, or Tablet

You can use the “Moodle mobile” app, which enables you to make the readings offline quickly (with the little cloud icon snext to them in your courses).

The files will be made offline, and you will be able to find them without the app at the apps folder (for Android data > com.moodle.moodlemobile > sites