Can not find / upload an Assignment

1. Do not see an assignment in the course

Please check in the "Assignments" link at the Drawer to the left (or the "This course menu") - maybe the assignment is located at a different section of the course. 
If you still do not find it, please contact your professor.

2. Check the date

If the assignment is not due yet or overdue, certain settings enable professors to prevent the access (only the upload option, or the whole assignment can become invisible). That may also happen, that the "due date" is incorrect at the assignment, if you encounter this, please contact your professor.

3. Already submitted, but can not change

Your professor has the option to allow overwrites or prevent it. If the assignment is overdue, usually you can not overwrite your submission.

4. Try from an other browser

Maybe your browser version is not up to date, or you use something new what is not supported (yet). At the moment Microsoft Edge may be problematic for file uploads.

5. File extension
 check if your professor asks for a specific file type (e.g. PDF).