Students Faq - general technical problems

Can't log in (CEU Users)

1. Please check that you are using your correct (Microsoft) Username/Password

2. Do you have an active (student/legal) status with CEU? (your access will not work after your affiliation in CEU ends)

3. Please check if you typed it right (e.g. y instead of z).

4. Make sure that the cookies are enabled in your browser.

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer go to Tools - Internet Options – Privacy – Advanced, and mark Accept First Party Cookies. In Mozilla Firefox go to Edit Menu – Settings – Data Protection – and mark the checkbox of Accept cookies from websites.

If you would like to change your Microsoft password, it can be changed directly on this page, or by starting signing in to Office 365 through
If you have any problems, please contact CEU Helpdesk or call #2000