Students Faq - general technical problems

I cannot watch a Panopto video embedded into the course

When you first enter a course, the Moodle page may load before the Panopto sync is complete.

I. Error message 

If you get an error message at the video, like X-frame or the video prompts you to log in, there is an issue with your browser/cookies.

Panopto supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based and legacy), Firefox, Internet Explorer (11), and Safari.

Make sure, that you are not using a VPN.

Either of these methods should solve your problem:

a) Make sure that 3rd party cookies are enabled in your browser,  and 
Disable any adblocker extensions in your browser. After this, clear the cache 

b) Open the course from another browser

c) Open the course from an incognito window 

d) Open the video directly from the Panopto block 

(on the right side of the course). 

It may ask you to log in (select CEU ADSF - needs your CEU email address + password).

If your problem persists, contact the classroom support.

II. Self-enrolment

If you enrolled in a course yourself (self-enrollment), you may not get access to the videos immediately.

If you get the message on a video: "You do not have access to this, Please request access", do not click on the link, but refresh your browser window (F5) twice to force the synchronization.

If your problem persists, then the most likely cause is that instructor did not share the video with the class correctly.