Course Editing Guide

Frequently asked questions by course editors and quick videos about common administrative functions of Moodle

Basic Course Editing

How to Rearrange (change the order of) whole sections?

You can use the cross icon on the left side of the section titles to change the order of sections in a course with the drag and drop method.

If the sections are full of materials already, this may be tricky, so we developed an additional function for this, you can find the icon "rearrange sections" next to the Turn editing on icon if you are in editing mode.

The icon will hide the contents from the sections so you can easily change the order for them.

If you are ready, refresh the page with the F5 key, or click on the "back to editing" button.

Important Note: If you did not change the default section names (section 1,2,3, etc.), then when you swap the topics, the section names will change as well (as it represents their position in the course). Do not be confused by this, the contents also travelled with the title.