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Originality Reports

 1. How can I Analyze the Originality Report (Turnitin assignment)?

Turnitin changed the design of their reports, the new integrated view is called "Feedback studio".

Quick help for feedback studio :

Video about feedback studio (you may need to enable cookies at the bottom left):

A short blog post which shows the most common cases of plagiarism detectable with this tool:

Typical plagiarism cases:

2. What is detectable?

Many resources are not in the Turnitin database so using your own knowledge to detect a suspected case of plagiarism is required. The database to which papers are compared consists of three primary sources:

  • Both a current and an archived copy of the publicly accessible Internet
  • Commercial pages from books, newspapers, and journals
  • Student papers already submitted to Turnitin

Please note, that in extreme cases it may even be questionable what has been created first - the uploaded paper, or the matching text Turnitin is working with.

3. The report shows 100% or 0%/ pending. What does it mean?

100% almost always means that the exact same file were uploaded to Turnitin multiple times (100% means that all text is the same, name of the author, class, etc.). You can filter this source out to recalculate.

If a paper does not contain any matches this could indicate that:

  • The paper is completely original OR
  • Turnitin does not found the source (s) (Yet?)


Wait for at least 24 hours, then if it is important, you can try to resubmit. If there is still no report, contact me and we can file request to Turnitin about this particular paper.