Teacher Faq - course editing

Course management

How to copy content from a previous course? (Import)

1. Go to the new, empty course (the "Target"), where you would like to copy previous content.
2. Select "Import from another course" from the administration menu.
3. Select the "source" course (if there are too many, search for it first). 
NEW: The system will try to offer the previous versions of this course. You can check them in a new tab as well before importing.

4. You need to copy only the "activities/resources". You can deselect the other options.
5. Deselect the contents you do not want to copy (deselect "News forum" all the time, as we do not need duplicates in courses).

Do not copy old Turnitin assignments!

The summaries (text at the top of the topics) will be always copied if the summaries of the target course are empty, and omitted if the target course has some content in the summary area.
Note: The contents will be always copied to the same topic, the location can be changed after the import process.
6. For all other steps, just select "continue" and "Perform Import".