Create Activities (give tasks to students)

Student problems with Assignments (upload, modify)

1. Students can not find the assignment in the course

a) Check if the assignment or topic is hidden. Details

b) Did you change any settings of the assignment? Edit settings
(Turn editing on > Edit> Edit settings) and check if:

  •  Restrict access is enabled
  •  Available for Group members only is enabled by accident in "common module settings"

2. Students can not upload their papers to the assignment

By default, students can upload one file to the assignment, can upload after the due date (but the system will store the submission time) but they CAN NOT change/modify their submission after the due date. 

If they have problems with this, Open Edit settings (Turn editing on > Edit> Edit settings) and check if:

  •  The Due Date is correct
  •  The "cut of date" is enabled by accident (the cut of date prevents students to work with the assignment any further)

If you would like to allow students to modify their submissions after the due date, either modify the due date in Moodle or change the "maximum number of files".