Create Activities (give tasks to students)

If you would like to give tasks for students, you can use the Activities in Moodle.

You can open the activity chooser with themenu and select activity you would like to add.
The most basic activities are really easy to create (you just need to fill in a Title, and a description, and for assignments a due date) and Save - but if you would like to use other options it is recommended to read the details.

The activity chooser provides details about these possibilities, you can check this chart to help you determine which activity is needed for the task at hand but the easiest method is to ask for a training at (

  • With assignments, you do not have to search for submitted essays scattered in your mailbox. Students can upload them to Moodle and you can check, grade and comment on them in one place (submitted papers are not visible for other students). If you enable Turnitin, an originality report will be created for all upload submissions as well.
    Details :  Moodle Assignments (PDF) 

  • The forum activity provides a place for asynchronous discussions for students and give the ability to share files with others in the course. The groups feature allows you to easily separate students in your course, allowing them to work together closely. Details:   Forums and Groups (PDF) 

  • The choice and feedback activity allow to create quick polls and to gather (anonym) information from students.
    Details: Choices and Feedback (PDF)