Teacher Faq - course editing

Course management

How to give access to non-CEU users (Guests)

If the external users only need to check out course materials, but does not need to interact with it (upload files, use forums and assignments), then you can enable Guest access (point 1) to allow this.
If the external users need to interact with a course you need to create them manually first and add them to the course (Point 2).

1. Guest access

You should be really careful with this setting, especially if you have uploaded copyrighted materials for your students’ use. If you allow Guests (outside the CEU community) to access your course without a password, you will make the course public, and anyone will be able to access it.

You can still protect the course with a guest password (this key is necessary only for guests, not for CEU students!). Guests will be able to log in and see all the materials in your course (but they will not be able to access activities like assignments or forums).  

 Select Access Control in the administration menu to the top right.

You just need to change the "Open for external Guests" setting to "Yes".

If you do not want to make the course public, set a Guest key. 
You will need to provide this password to the Guests.

Guests will be able to visit the site, "log in as a guest" then provide this password to reach your course.

2. Create external users in Moodle

I. If you never done this, you need to ask for user creation rights. 

Please note, that the Compliance with data protection rules (including the applicable laws) is the responsibility of all Members of CEU Community who process personal data. Make sure, that the users you upload to the site gave consent to the storage, management and processing of their personal data. Make sure that personal data is kept only for the period that is required to fulfill the purposes it has been collected for.

The full Data Protection Policy of CEU is available here: https://documents.ceu.edu/documents/p-1805

II. Fill out this sample CSV file: sample_user_creation.csv

Each new user need to be in a new line in the csv.
No fields may contain special accented characters like á, í, ú - you need to trim these for account creation.

username: The user will use this username to log in to the Moodle instance. It needs to be unique. A user's name can only contain alphabetical letters in lowercase, numbers, hyphen 
course1: Copy paste the "short name" of your course into this cell to add the user to the course when created. Make sure that there is no space characters before or after the name. If this is not necessary, you can delete this column. If the user is created, you can assign it on your course manually as well. 
role1: student or teacher

Passwords will be created automatically upon creation and sent as an automatic email to the new user (along with the username and site URL). Note: some email providers (hotmail for example) may block or put this email into their spam folders rarely. 

III. Upload the CSV file here (administration > users > accounts > upload users.
Direct link: https://ceulearning.ceu.edu/admin/tool/uploaduser/index.php

You just need to drag and drop the csv into the field and click on the "upload users" button. You will see a preview which will indicate if there is any problems with the csv file you need to correct first.
Do not change any of the default settings just click on "upload users".

Detailed help

IV. The users are ready, check if they are listed on the participants page of your course. Contact me if you have any problems.