Course management

How to assign a student, co-teacher or TA?

Watch this short video or follow the steps below.

Open the course and the Participants menu under the course header

 > Click on the "
Enroll users manually button" 

Select the appropriate role > Search for the name > Click on "enroll" next to the result


List of roles:

Teacher, Teacher (admin), Teacher assistant:
These course editor roles have almost the same rights, most of the time you will assign Teacher. Teacher admin has additional rights to advanced functions (copy contents between courses, like restore, import, etc.), teacher assistant can not assign other course editors to the course.

Student: The basic "viewer" role, hidden content is not visible for him, can take part in activities.

Visitor: A special "viewer" role. They can view all hidden contents, but can not view or take part in activities. This is the best role for managers of a program, or colleagues who are not teaching in the class, just would like to view the contents.

Guest (special): These users do not have an account, if you enable "Guest access" in a course, anyone can access it without an account and login. 

If you cannot find a user during the search, these are the possible causes:
  • No account is created for the user yet
     If you would like to add a new CEU user, ask them to log in to the site first and their account will be automatically created during the login.
  • You are mistyping the name
    Check the spelling. The firstname / lastname order is important, so try to use only one of them if possible
  • The user is already assigned on the course - check the name in the participants list.
  • If you find multiple accounts for the user, please check the email address to see which one is relevant. If you are unsure, ask for help.
  • Manually assigned users can be easily deleted from the participants list with the "bin" icon next to them. If you cannot find a bin icon, it means the user is coming from SITS - and needs to be unenrolled there.
  • The role of a user can be changed with the "pen" icon next to his name.