Basic Course Editing

Visibility of Course Contents (readings, sections)

1. Basic Hide / Show

You can hide entire topics or just single resources from the students. As with the course links, the gray color always means hidden content.

a) You can hide / show individual resources and activities if you click on the 3 dots > hide / show next to them. The hidden resource will have a gray background indicating it is not visible for students.

b) To hide a topic, click on the 3 dots > unpublish section next to the topic title. The background of the topic become gray, and NO content will be visible for students regardless of the individual settings of the resources in the Topic.
Clicking on Edit section > publish section makes the topic visible.

c) The hierarchy is really important, as long as a topic is hidden the individual resources are not visible for students.
If you open the edit menu with the 3 dots inside a hidden topic, you will have the option to "make available" a hidden resource. It will still not be visible for the students, but you will be able to link this resource in other parts of the course, and the resource will be available for the students with this link (it can be useful to create tight course structures, or use a resource multiple places in the course).

d) If you are uncertain about students view, you can always check if you click on "switch role to > student" at the top menu (click on your profile picture to access this. 

2. Advanced restrictions

You can restrict resources with "Restriction" options or with group settings. These options make it possible to hide the contents from only a selected group of students or to make certain resources appear or disappear at a certain time.
These settings are more complicated to master, if you never used these, ask for assistance.