Course Editing Guide

Frequently asked questions by course editors and quick videos about common administrative functions of Moodle

Create Activities (give tasks to students)

How to create an attendance sheet with the Choice activity?

Go to your course, Turn editing on and go to the section where you would like to place the attendance sheet.

Click on themenu and select Choice.

Fill in a title (Attendance sheet for XXXX session), and a description ( "Check the appropriate box before the course starts").

Add the options for the students and set the start and end time for the sheet (some time before the class and after it started) and Save and return to course.

For example:

2. If you need one for the next session as well, just go to the Sheet already created, click EDIT next to it and select duplicate. This will create a copy of the activity. Move the copy with the cross to the next session with drag and drop, then EDIT > edit settings - change the title and the deadlines and Save.