Turnitin - plagiarism detection software

Instructors can use Turnitin two ways in CEU:

1. In Moodle with the assignment activity

The students submit their papers themselves to an assignment you created in Moodle. If you set the “Turnitin reports” to Enable, all papers what students submit will be sent automatically to Turnitin and the report will be created. This is the easiest and recommended method.

You can not submit files for the students, they need to do it themselves. 

Details:  http://ceulearning.ceu.edu/mod/book/view.php?id=75454&chapterid=871

2.    Instructors submit the student papers to their own Turnitin account.

All instructors who used Turnitin from Moodle has an account in Turnitin already.

Your username is the CEU email address, and you need to use this link to set a password (add your email and your last name without accents to the form): https://turnitin.com/password_reset1.asp?r=81.7992301790021&svr=320&session-id=&lang=en_us&

If you did not use Turnitin in Moodle before or have an issue with login, please contact me.

Help about the Originality report: