Basic Course Editing

Move / edit existing contents

You will see icons next to each resource in editing mode.

Modify resources / activities:
Click on the 3 dots at the left to open the “EDIT” menu.

Move resources / activities:

Go with the cursor on top of an activity, a big cross icon will appear. Moodle move icon Click and drag the Cross icon. As you drag, Moodle will dim the items under the item you are dragging. Release the mouse to drop the item into a new location.

NEW: You can use Bulk editing if you would like do the same operation with multiple items.

Turn edit mode on and click on
"bulk edit"

Select the resources in the course you would like to interact with the small boxes at the left.

You can hide / show, move, duplicate, and delete them at the bottom with one click.
If you select a resource / or a topic, you will have the option to "select all" as well.
Be careful with this, as this is intended to select all resources / all topics in the course, so make sure that you do the mass action only with the intended content.

Short video: