Perusall - External tool for sharing / annotating readings. 
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If you would like to use Perusall for your course, Turn edit mode on > add an activity or resource and select the activities tab and "External Tool - Panopto, Perusall" from the activities list.  Add a title and from the Preconfigured tool dropdown select Perusall. 
If you do not want to grade this activity change the Grade > Type to "none", otherwise it will appear in the gradebook. You do not need to change any other settings.

This link will act as a gateway between the course and Perusall for both instructors and students. As you use the link from Moodle, it will automatically create a page for your course in Perusall and an account.

You can start to use the software, upload readings, etc. 
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Important Note:
CEU does not have control over Perusall. It is an independent service, we do not administer it, and CEU is not responsible for it. The University gives no guarantee that the service will work all of the time. Any technical queries must be directed to Perusall.
CEU takes no responsibility for the privacy policies of any linked websites and is not responsible for their content.

Privacy notice: if you use a Perusall external tool activity in your Moodle course, the LMS sends Perusall information about the user and course when it is launched. Perusall utilises the following user information: user role in course, name (first, last, full), e-mail address, and profile image (if any). It also collects course information including course name, assignment name, if applicable, and grade passback information, if applicable.

It is recommended that you advise students that their information will be transferred over to Perusall, but will be kept confidential and will not be shared outside the course users. The information is shared to enable synching with Moodle for Gradebook purposes.

Be mindful of content that you place in Perusall and make sure you have the rights to share the content. If you have questions about a specific material to share, contact the CEU library.

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