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Zoom meetings

CEU has a subscription to Zoom. To create a Zoom meeting from Moodle, you need a CEU Zoom account assigned to your CEU email address.
Please register an account via https://ceu-edu.zoom.us/. Here you just need to log in with your Microsoft account and password to activate your own Zoom account. 

Make sure your email on Zoom matches your email on this system. If you have problems, contact the Classroom Support.

After you have access to the CEU subscription with your CEU email address, you will be able to create Zoom meetings directly from Moodle.

Add an activity or resource > advanced activities > Zoom meeting.
Detailed help
Zoom tutorials

Important note: 
All CEU licensed Zoom accounts are connected to Panopto thus every Zoom recording made into the cloud ends up in Panopto under my folder/meeting recordings subfolder.

You can share these recordings with your students in a Moodle course with the Panopto video activity easily.