Panopto - share/upload videos in Moodle

Panopto is an online video platform. It enables you to create, share, and stream videos. CEU has a subscription to the service, and now it is integrated into Moodle.

If you have your videos either on your computer or in a Folder in Panopto, you can easily upload them to Moodle.

I. Share an existing video with the Panopto video activity

You can add a video into the course as a Panopto video activity - enrolled students will have access automatically (but will not be able to download them).

Note: The old Panopto block/embedded video method is not supported anymore.

Open the course > Turn edit mode on > Add an activity or resource > Select 
Panopto video  > Click on "select content". 

  • A pop-up window will appear. 

Important: If you get an error message or the popup window prompts you to log in:

a) If you have your video on your computer

Select the "Upload' tab. Select the video from your computer > wait until it is uploaded > Click insert and save the form.

If you do not change the default folder, the video will be uploaded into the Panopto folder of the course. After the upload/processing is ready, students will have access.

b) If you have the video in Panopto already

Choose the folder > Select the video at the popup window (you may need to change folders in Panopto) > Click insert and save the form.

Your own CEU Zoom recordings can be found in Panopto under my folder/meeting recordings subfolder.

If the video is not stored in the folder of the course, students will have access, but other teachers of the Moodle course will not have editing rights, they will be able to view it only.

II. Recording videos with Panopto

Useful links to get started:
Panopto links
CEU IT sharepoint site

III. Existing Panopto videos in Moodle courses

When you import your course to the new academic year, the Panopto video activities will be shared with the new students automatically.

If you are using the old Panopto block/embedded video method however, this is not the case, new students do not get access to the videos automatically.

You need to:
  • Share the videos with the Panopto activity method (see above) and delete the embedded videos from the new course
  • Make the videos public in Panopto / give access to the students in Panopto
  • Write to with the title of the original course (where the videos was originally uploaded) and the new course, and we connect them, so new students can watch the videos.