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Videos - Panopto

Panopto is an online video platform. It enables you to create, share, and stream videos. CEU has a subscription to the service, and now it is integrated into Moodle.

To use Panopto (click on the links for details, step by step guides):

Note: It may be already connected if your coordinator did it for you when the course was created. If this is so, you will find the Panopto block at the block section of your course.

Download the Panopto software on your desktop computer/laptop and record the videos. You may record basic videos online, directly from the browser. If you already have the videos on your computer, you can upload them to Panopto.

You can link the videos into any place in your course where you have the Moodle word processor - into a section summary, label, page, or the description of an activity. 

If you need further help regarding Panopto, contact the classroom support.