Coordinator Faq

3. Course list in a folder (category)

You can check the enrolment methods of courses quickly if you open the folder, and check the icons next to courses.

Students can see this information without enrolment (syllabus, summary, etc.) before they register in Infosys.

Icons next to courses.

Open for CEU students (Self-enrolment): Yes - Students can enrol to the course manually (if not (yet) registered in Infosys). If this is not enabled, the course will tell students “you can not enrol - you will be automatically enrolled after you register in Infosys." If there is a key displayed as well on this window icon, students need to provide a key as well.

Open for External users (Guest access): Yes(access for non-CEU users without login to the site) is enabled with a key. It the key is not displayed, just the "head" icon, the course is totally open for everyone.

The summary files are always visible, but the summary text info and the professors on the course may be checked with this icon.

No infosys sync : You can find the 5 digit "Moodle sync code" at the course details in Infosys - this will connect the two systems and students will automatically gain access to Moodle as they register in Infosys. This is NOT the course code (LANG 5333 - but an unique 5 digit one 32322)
If you can not assign this code, please contact me. 

No teachers assigned to this course: No professors are on this course with teacher roles. Note: Teacher assistants and/or coordinators may have access to the course.