The Computer and Statistics Center is an academic unit of the Central European University which provides a variety of courses in computer science and statistics for members of the CEU community throughout the academic year. The courses cover MS Office applications, the Internet, HTML editors, database and statistics applications and are open to all CEU students, faculty & staff, free of charge.

Detailed schedule of the courses offered by the CEU Computer and Statistics Center.

Registration: The members of the CEU community can register for our courses via the UIS (Infosys) which is accessible only from within the CEU network. The sign-up is deadline conditioned. Please note that the places for each course are limited.
If you would like to join a course and the registration period on the UIS has ended, be advised that the free places (if any) will be advertised via email.

Make your own webpage in a few easy steps. During the course you will get familiar with HTML to have a sound understanding of the basics. Then with the help of a free editor you'll put together your own personal or business webpage choosing from hundreds of design templates. Finally we'll tailor the design to our own needs and preferences.

The course covers intermediate aspects of text and document formatting for the students’ academic papers. Topics covered include (see also the schedule for this course below):

* Essential formatting questions regarding ETD (electronic thesis submission) requirements
* Layout, margins, paragraph indents, AutoCorrect, printing settings, possible printing problems
* Footnotes, references in footnotes, continuing footnotes on next page, numbering pages and headings
* Working with master document and subdocuments, creating headings, and automatic table of contents

The course focuses on creating and managing efficient presentations, timing details, creating organizational charts as well as dealing with graphic and dynamic elements.

This is a tutorial for those academic departmental faculty and staff members who will administer the uploaded electronic theses/dissertations and will approve them to be processed by the Library. In case of difficulties, please turn to Laszlo Csirmaz ( csirmaz @ ) or Erika Mathe (mathee @ )

This tutorial describes the Coordinator’s interface to the CEU Electronic Theses and Dissertations software.

This pre-session mandatory briefing aims to familiarize the student with the use of the CEU computer network and the use and customization of the default e-mail application at CEU - GroupWise.

Syllabus (only available for departmental students)