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Main Course Forum. Do you want to send a message to the whole class? Important information posted here will be sent as an email to both students and professors. (Note: Students may also use this forum for important information)

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2. What is a nudge? (21/4) Your questions/comments on the texts 0
3. Predictably irrational—a review of cognitive biases (2/5) Your questions/comments on the texts 9
4. Experimental economics: methods and evidence (5/5) Questions on the texts 3
5. Nudging against procrastination (9/5) Questions on the texts 4
6. Moral issues regarding paternalism, autonomy and respect: illustrated with medical decision-making (12/5) Questions on the texts 5
8. Fostering prosocial behaviour (19/5) Questions on the texts 4
9. Nudging for the poor (23/5) Questions on the texts 2
10. Evidence based policy making and the efficiency of Nudges (26/5) Questions on the texts 4
11. Quality control processes (30/5) Questions on the texts 0