Debate rules explained

Debate rules explained

Katarina Kovacevic -
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Dear all,

PLEASE - take a look at the ppt attached - in slideshow mode, so that you can see the order of speakers. I explained some most general rules in a simple way. You will also see the argument building slide - it is important to take a look at it too, because the argument development, not only the number of arguments, is what is taken into account.

To see the specific rules for every speaker, please read this:

You don't need to read the explanation for every speaker if you don't have the time, but it's a must to read for your position (e.g. Leader of Opposition 1). If you, for example, add new arguments as the last debate speaker, it will not count, because those are the rules. Speaking of that, it is important to agree who is going to speak first in the team. The ones who will not speak for the team, also need to participate and help in argument preparation. Also, think of possible rebuttals - what the other teams could prepare and how you are going to defend your position.

The topic is: This house believes it is good to use nudging in policy making. (Government is for, Opposition against this statement)

Some papers to prepare are on moodle, but feel free to do your own search too.

Email me if you have any concerns or questions! Good luck :)