Week 4 Field notes and ethnography

Week 4

Interview methods: Unstructured, semi-structured individual interviews. Focus group interviews



Structure, setting, and the role of the interviewer

Interview types based on the research aim and degree of control

Oral history, narrative interview

Semi-structured individual interview

How to stimulate the interviewee to produce more information?

Interview guide examples: semi-structured and structured individual interview

Interview guide example and exercise (In the class make a draft of your interview guide wording, order, and content of questions)



Bernard, R (2006): Unstructured and semi-structured interviewing. In Bernard R. Research Methods in Anthropology. Oxford: Altamira Press, 208-236

Recommended readings

Briggs, Charles (1983) Learning how to Ask. Cambridge: CUP. Chapter 5 93-111.

Holstein, James and Jaber Gubrium (1997) Active Interviewing. In: Silverman, David (ed.) Qualitative research: theory, method, and practice. London, Sage 113-129

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Semi-structured individual and focus group interview guides


Assignment: interview guide

Please prepare and bring your interview guides to the next last class. (Week 5)