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How to get bookmarked PDF from Word document

1. Summary

Bookmarks are used for navigation within the PDF file - they should be based on the chapter titles and subtitles of your document. 

Note, bookmarks are not identical to a linked Table of Contents (TOC), although the function is the same. While Table of Contents is located on a certain page within the document meaning you always have to get back there to use it, the bookmarks will provide a static side panel or top menu (depending on your PDF viewer) with the same content as the TOC so you can use it for navigation without scrolling all around. 

To generate bookmarks the titles, subtitles should be properly formatted (with Heading styles) within the Word document.  

Generating bookmarks is something you have to set up manually when you are converting the Word file into PDF. Alternate, more complicate option with functional disadvantages is to add the bookmarks to the PDF itself. 

Without bookmarks uploading the PDF to the CEU ETD database is not possible!

The proper process is:

  1. Use Heading styles in the Word document to format chapter titles and subtitles.
  2. Specify PDF conversion settings regarding bookmarks.
  3. Convert the file into a bookmarked PDF.

The GIF files are here for a quick overview: 1.) Word to PDF conversion steps; 2.) Checking the bookmarks in PDF.
Note, the GIFS show the process on a PC. On Mac it's different. In further chapters of this tutorial you find the step by step instructions with printscreens about PDF conversion and  applying Heading styles in the Word document both for PC and Mac.