How to get bookmarked PDF from Word document

2. Format titles with Heading styles - The Basic Concept

2.2. Adjust styles to your current formatting

You may already have some formatting - e.g. bold, bigger font size, underline, etc. - applied manually to your titles. There is this convenient way to keep the appearance but still have the required Heading styles applied. 

  1. a.) Select the title you want to format 
    b.) Note that the currently used style is highlighted on the Style Gallery / Style pane. 
  2. Right-click on the Heading style you want to apply for that title. 
  3. Select Update Heading ... to match selection - this will apply & adjust the Heading style at the same time.
    You should see in result that the title did not change appearance, but now the selected Heading style is highlighted in the style list as the style being used for that part of the text. Note, if your titles were numbered, applying a style will remove the numbers. You can fix it by applying a Multilevel List > Numbered Headings formatting to the title. 
  4. All further titles of the same level now can be set to the modified style. Select the titles one by one and then simply click on the Heading style. Automatically the new appearance will be applied, no further updating is required.
  5. For remaining titles of other levels the same process of adjusting and applying Heading styles should be repeated.