• Week 2: Research question and research structure

      Week 2                

      Research question and research structure



      What is it you want to research? Why? Why does it matter?

      Research questions originating from everyday experiences

      Literature review. Refine your research question in analytical terms

      How do you go about finding the answers?

      Choosing and mixing methods

      Choosing your field and research subjects


      Example: Research plan


      Assignment: research plan

      Choose a topic (potential thesis topic) and formulate it into a research plan that indicates what you will study, what you want to find out, and what you want to understand or show through this inquiry. Indicate the methods and the analytic concepts to be applied.

      Please bring the research plan (1,5-2 page, 3000-4000 characters) to the next class.



      Hammersley, Martyn and Paul Atkinson (1983): Research design. Problems, cases and samples. In: Ibid: Ethnography: Principles and Practice. London, NY: Routledge 23-53.

      Recommended readings

      Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb and Joseph M. Williams “From Topics to Questions” and “From Questions to Problems.” (1993): In Ibid. The Craft of Research. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 29-63.