Topic outline

  • Introduction

    The course is structured as an introduction to Excel for the beginner user covering some intermediary topics as well such as: working with tables, creating charts, use of functions and formulae.

    • Day 1: The basics

      • Familiarization with the Excel workspace. Workbooks and worksheets - copy paste and move data/sheets (from the internet, within the same book and in different ones)
      • Text editing , column and row fitting. Data, text and dates
        • freeze, hide and split columns/rows (the Window menu)
        • auto complete, auto fill and auto correct
        • printing view, centering, format painter
      • Formatting:
        • cell merging, alignment, wrap, orientation

    • Day 2: Charts

      Arranging our data

      • Naming cells and adding comments
      • Sorting the data
      • Filtering options
      Creating charts

      • Data tables
      • Chart formatting (style, title, value axis, appearance, etc.)

    • Day 3: Formulas

      • Data management. 
      • Basic formulas
      • Relative and absolute references
      • Basic math functions

    • Functions - Intermediate Excel

      • Functions and formulae:
        • calculate percentage, percentage change
        • calculating average, sum,  minimum, maximum
        • conditional formatting
      • Advanced functions and formulae:
        • The PMT financial function

    • Useful resources