• STEP 6 - Revise data

      You can revise your previously made choices, edit thesis data or upload a new document as long as your access to ETD is not restricted by your Coordinator after the submission deadline.
      You will find a separate tab for Thesis data, License agreement and Thesis upload.

      6.1 - Revise Thesis / Dissertation data

      The Review Thesis Data tab shows the bibliographic data of your thesis as well as your contact information. You can edit some of them after clicking on the "Edit Data" button. Don't forget to correct the thesis title here if it has changed. To save the corrections, click on Continue.

      Figure 9 - Check and edit the submitted thesis data

      6.2 - Revise License Agreement

      Under the License Agreement tab, you can review the restriction option you had set. That is, e.g. to change the settings from electronic availability restriction to granting CEU the license to make your thesis/dissertation electronically available. (This could be the situation if you've applied for a License restriction but your request has been rejected by the Provost.) Or vice versa. 
      Note, if you cancel the agreement, the uploaded document is deleted, and you must upload it again.

      Figure 10 - Check the License Agreement

      To cancel the agreement do this:

      1. Navigate to the License Agreement tab.
      2. Tick at the bottom of the page: "I acknowledge that when I cancel the License Agreement, my uploaded document will be deleted, and I have to upload my thesis again."
      3. Click "Cancel agreement."
      4. You will be redirected back to the Copyright License page where you can select the option (no restriction/restriction) you need.
      5. You can upload the thesis (if no restriction was selected) or you have to wait with thesis upload until your request is approved (if applied for a restriction).