• STEP 5 - Upload your Thesis / Dissertation

      5.1 - Upload the PDF

      Click on “Choose file“ to locate your PDF and on “Upload” to copy it on the ETD server.

      The filename does not really matter, it will not appear publicly.

      The "Comment to this version" field is just for your convenience, you can write here a reminder of which version is uploaded. Such a comment might be, e.g., page 25 corrected. The content of this field, next to the date and time of the upload, is listed.

      Figure 7 - Upload PDF

      Important details:

      • Only bookmarked PDF files are accepted. 
      • There should be NO special settings - like security options set - in your PDF, otherwise, you may fail to upload the file.
        All theses/dissertations in the Library's ETD database are automatically represented in a format where the text cannot be copied from the document.
      • Your thesis/dissertation should be in a single file. Having your work divided into several files please merge them together before uploading.
      • You can upload as many new versions as you want until your submission deadline. The previous version will be automatically deleted when uploading the new one.
        If you are requested to make changes to your thesis by the examining committee after your defense, you must upload the new, corrected electronic version. In case you have no more access to ETD please contact your department coordinator.

      5.2 - Plagiarism check

      Please note, for detecting possible plagiarism, uploaded documents will be submitted for textual similarity review to Turnitin.com. By submitting a document, you allow your paper to be included in the Turnitin.com reference database where it will be used solely for the purpose of detecting further plagiarism. The terms that apply to CEU's use of the Turnitin.com service are described on the Turnitin.com web site.

      5.3 - Double-check the submission - the watermarked document for hard copy printing

      After uploading the PDF all submission details (date, time, size, pages, comment, document link) will be listed. Please check the submission by clicking the "View document" link. You should see that a "CEU ETD Collection" watermark appears on the side of each page.
      Your department may require you to print and submit this watermarked version as a hard copy of your thesis. The hard copy and the electronically stored version should be identical.

      Figure 8 - Document uploaded successfully

      Figure 9 - Submitted document with the "CEU ETD Collection" watermark

      5.3 - Log out

      Clicking on the "Logout" button on the right side leaves the ETD Upload pages. When you log in next time, you will be either directed to the "Upload" page immediately, or will get a "you do not need to use this page anymore" message. The latter happens when your access to ETD has been restricted (after the submission deadline and/or after graduation).

      Figure 10 -  Your submission has been accepted; you do not need to use this page anymore