• STEP 5 - Choose your preferred restriction period

      Decide what is the restriction period for your thesis (1 or 2 years). 

      When you've read how to proceed to restrict the circulation of your thesis, you can still grant CEU the right to distribute your thesis without any restriction. Or, alternatively, set the time limit of restriction, and give your reasons.


      • The request you provide here will be emailed automatically to the Provost, your Coordinators and the site admins.
        Please provide here substantial reasons.
      • If you select to restrict the electronic availability of your thesis you will not be able to upload the PDF file until your request is acknowledged by your Coordinator on ETD. Not necessarily, but this may prevent you from uploading your thesis by the submission deadline. If this would be the case inform your Coordinator about the situation.

      Click "Continue" when finished.

      Figure 5 - Choosing restriction period

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