• STEP 3 - Specify the copyright license

      You have finished writing your thesis. This paper might be your first intellectual product which will be presented before a large audience.

      Both by Hungarian and International Law, you as the author automatically have certain rights concerning your work. Among these rights are the exclusive right of presenting, storing, publishing the work; making further works based on its content; or claiming yourself to be the "author".

      As your work will be stored by CEU in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection, you must give your consent. This is what you do when you sign the "License Agreement". The License Agreement allows CEU Library to store, make backup copies, and present your work as a whole in its web site. Furthermore the Agreement reaffirms some of your rights, and expicitly forbids to use your work in any other way not consistent with the goals of the ETD Collection (such as, e.g., modifying, making extracts, or publishing your thesis in paper format).

      Should you decide not to restrict the circulation of the electronic form of your thesis, please tick the YES button, then click on Continue.

      Should you decide to restrict the availability of your thesis (for 1 or 2 years), click on “read more” and go to STEP 4 of the tutorial.

      Figure 3 - Specify Copyright License

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