• STEP 3 - Specify copyright license details

      You have finished writing your thesis. This paper might be your first intellectual product which will be presented before a large audience.

      By Hungarian, Austrian and International Law, you as the author automatically have certain rights concerning your work. Among these rights are the exclusive right of presenting, storing, publishing the work; making further works based on its content; or claiming yourself to be the "author".

      As your work will be stored by CEU in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection, and in case of PhD dissertations with the Austrian National Library, you must give your consent. This is what you do when you sign the "License Agreement" during the electronic thesis submission process. The License Agreement allows CEU Library to store, make backup copies, and present your work as a whole on its website. Furthermore, the Agreement reaffirms some of your rights and explicitly forbids to use your work in any other way not consistent with the goals of the ETD Collection (such as, e.g., modifying, making extracts, or publishing your thesis in paper format). Details of submitting dissertations to the Austrian National Library are to be announced soon.

      Figure 3 - Specify Copyright License

      3.1 - No restriction

      Should you decide not to restrict the circulation of the electronic form of your thesis through the Library catalog, please tick the YES button, then click on Continue to save your settings.

      3.2 - Restricting online availability

      Any restriction is bound to the CEU Provost's approval. In fact, the Pro-rector for SSH within the Provost's Office should be addressed with restriction requests, who will consider your case. In order to receive a favorable decision, you will need to provide sufficient proof or argument (e.g. a contract or a letter from a publisher, or anything that might serve a similar function, or explain the danger you might suffer should the thesis be published).

      3.2.1 - Read more - the relevant regulations

      Should you decide to restrict the availability of your thesis, click on “read more” to learn about the relevant regulations (an excerpt from the Student Rights, Rules and Academic Regulations official CEU document). Click "Continue" when finished.

      Figure 4. - Read about the restriction

      3.2.2 - Set the restriction

      Decide what is the restriction period for your thesis (1 or 2 years) and provide here substantial reasons to backup your request. The request you provide here will be emailed automatically to the Provost, your Coordinators, and the site admins, and will be included in the Library Catalog.
      Please also include if you've already received the Provost's approval. This will enable faster technical approval for your Coordinators managing the ETD submissions. 

      You may still decide not to restrict the electronic availability.

      Important: If you select to restrict the electronic availability of your thesis you will not be able to upload the PDF file until your request is acknowledged by your Coordinator on ETD. Not necessarily, but this may prevent you from uploading your thesis by the submission deadline. If this would be the case, inform your Coordinator about the situation.

      To save your settings, click "Continue". You may already sign the License Agreement on the following page (the next submission step) or wait for the restriction approval and sign the Agreement only then.

      Screenshot of the license restriction settings

      Figure 5 - Setting the restriction

      3.2.3 - Wait for the ETD approval of your restriction

      After setting a license restriction, you will not be able to upload your thesis until your Coordinator acknowledges your request on ETD. This will be done only when your application was previously approved by the Pro-Rector for SSH. If you already received the Pro-Rector for SSH's approval, but your request is still pending on ETD, please contact your Coordinator to get it also acknowledged on ETD. 

      Once your request has been approved, with your next login to ETD (or after refreshing the page) you will be able to proceed with the submission process. 

      Pending restriction notification

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