• STEP 1 - Logging in

      Visit the ETD website at http://etd.ceu.edu(When getting the "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." error message, just click "Continue to this website."
      The same site can be reached from within Infosys when selecting Thesis upload in the menu.

      Provide your Infosys / UIS identification (login and password).

      In all ETD pages you can find "progress bar" at the top of the page which tells you the stage you are in: Login, Thesis data, License details, Accept license, Upload, Logout.
      You will go through all these stages one by one. Once logged in, you will go immediately to the stage where you've stopped the process.

      The login page also has a short summary of steps from getting a proper PDF document until getting your uploaded document printed as a hard copy. 

      Note, you have a limited time, namely 30 minutes, to do the process. The remaining time is shown after login at the top right corner. Should you run out of this time, you will be promted to log in again.

      Figure 1 : The login screen. You need to provide your UIS login and password.

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