• Requirements for electronic thesis submission

      All CEU students are required to upload their thesis/dissertation to the CEU’s Electronic Thesis and Dissertations collection (ETD; http://etd.ceu.edu). This tutorial explains the steps of the uploading procedure. 
      In case you have technical difficulties with the ETD site, please contact Erika Mathe at mathee @ ceu.hu   

      A successful electronic thesis submission requires the following:

      • The student must be in EnrolledAbsolutorium or Candidate for Graduation student status. (Status is managed by the Student Records Office.)
      • The student must have an active CEU student email address. (For late-submitting students: the alumni email address won't work. Temporary activation of the student email must be requested from the IT department at helprequest@ceu.edu.)
      • The submitted document must
        • be a PDF file (For a guide on how to transform your MS Word document into a PDF check out this tutorial.)
        • contain bookmarks - a side navigation tool, which functions similarly but is not identical to the Table of Contents within the document. To enable the bookmarks, first, the chapter titles and subtitles need to be formatted with Heading styles in the Word document (or any other text editor), then proper PDF conversion settings have to be applied.
      • In case you wish to restrict the electronic availability of the thesis, your request should be already approved by the Pro-rector for SSH.
      • Any PhD or late-submitting students who started their studies with Infosys instead of the current SITS system, need to make sure their Infosys password is set to its default, which is the CEU ID card number. This has to be done before visiting the ETD site.
        An Infosys password reset can be done two ways: 
        • By the student, on the Infosys site only under the https://infosys.ceu.hu/ link, only with VPN access. 
        • The IT helpdesk (heprequest@ceu.edu) may be requested to get the reset done.

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