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  • Introduction

    After converting your thesis into a PDF format, All CEU students are required to upload their thesis/dissertation to the University’s Electronic Thesis and Dissertations collection (ET; in a bookmarked PDF format. This tutorial explains the steps of the uploading procedure. 

    For a guide on how to transform your MS Word document into a PDF check out this tutorial.

    In case you had technical difficulties, please contact Erika Mathe at mathee @ or Laszlo Csirmaz at csirmaz @

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    • STEP 1 - Logging in

      Visit the ETD website at getting the "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." error message, just click "Continue to this website."
      The same site can be reached from within Infosys when selecting Thesis upload in the menu.

      Provide your Infosys / UIS identification (login and password).

      In all ETD pages you can find "progress bar" at the top of the page which tells you the stage you are in: Login, Thesis data, License details, Accept license, Upload, Logout.
      You will go through all these stages one by one. Once logged in, you will go immediately to the stage where you've stopped the process.

      The login page also has a short summary of steps from getting a proper PDF document until getting your uploaded document printed as a hard copy. 

      Note, you have a limited time, namely 30 minutes, to do the process. The remaining time is shown after login at the top right corner. Should you run out of this time, you will be promted to log in again.

      Figure 1 : The login screen. You need to provide your UIS login and password.

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      • STEP 2 - Fill in the thesis data

        Provide the requested thesis data (obligatory) and your personal availability data (optional).

        Important: The requested thesis data is the bibliographic data which goes to the library catalog describing your work. 
        Please follow the library conventions. Moving the mouse over the titles, more detailed help info pops up.

        Personal availability data is a helpful information for your department's Coordinator and Library staff to contact you after graduation if there are any issues with your submitted document.


        Figure 2 : Fill in the thesis data

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        • STEP 3 - Specify the copyright license

          You have finished writing your thesis. This paper might be your first intellectual product which will be presented before a large audience.

          Both by Hungarian and International Law, you as the author automatically have certain rights concerning your work. Among these rights are the exclusive right of presenting, storing, publishing the work; making further works based on its content; or claiming yourself to be the "author".

          As your work will be stored by CEU in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection, you must give your consent. This is what you do when you sign the "License Agreement". The License Agreement allows CEU Library to store, make backup copies, and present your work as a whole in its web site. Furthermore the Agreement reaffirms some of your rights, and expicitly forbids to use your work in any other way not consistent with the goals of the ETD Collection (such as, e.g., modifying, making extracts, or publishing your thesis in paper format).

          Should you decide not to restrict the circulation of the electronic form of your thesis, please tick the YES button, then click on Continue.

          Should you decide to restrict the availability of your thesis (for 1 or 2 years), click on “read more” and go to STEP 4 of the tutorial.

          Figure 3 - Specify Copyright License

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          • STEP 4 - Read about restriction of electronic availability

            Read the details about restricting the circulation of your work. Click "Continue" when finished.

            Figure 4. - Read about the restriction

            The Read More text on the site is as follows:

            Central European University is committed to increasing open access to research, and regards its students' theses as crucial part of the research output of the university. As it is set forth in the CEU regulations, the Electronic Thesis Database (ETD) works in full compliance with pertinent copyright laws. Every author who submits their work through ETD has a copyright to the thesis, hence if someone copies and sells passages without the author's permission, they violate copyright laws or commit plagiarism.

            Excerpt from Student Rights, Rules and Academic Regulations :

            Fulfillment of graduation requirements:
            ETD. For fulfillment of graduate degree requirements, theses and dissertations must also be submitted in electronic format utilizing the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Guide. ETDs will be made available on the Web through the Library catalogue in full compliance with pertinent copyright laws. Information about ETD publishing is available in the CEU Thesis Writing and ETD Submission Guidelines.

            Restrictions regarding the electronic availability of MA theses and PhD dissertations:
            CEU may - as an exception - decide not to publish in electronic form an MA/MSC thesis or a PhD dissertation for a period not exceeding two academic years - or not to publish such thesis in integral, rather in a redacted form if (1) there are well documented and convincing reasons to believe that such publication would actually or potentially result in threatening the life, health or well-being of the author or another individual or (2) if the author proves to the satisfaction of the Provost that publishing the MA/MSC thesis or the PhD dissertation in electronic form by the CEU would prevent its publication with a leading academic publisher. Redaction shall be preferred in the first of the above two cases over non-publication. The author of the thesis shall submit a written application for non-publication or redaction of the thesis to the Provost setting out reasons for the non-publication. The Provost shall decide on the question of the (non-)publication/redaction based on a written recommendation of the thesis supervisor and of the doctoral committee in case of PhD dissertations. Restricting electronic publication of a Phd thesis in excess of two years is not possible, in case of an MA/MSC thesis it must be approved by the Senate and such decision may be based only on proof that the threats initially leading the Provost to decide on restricting the publication have materialized or are continuing.

            In light of the above, an exception can be granted exclusively if one proves to the satisfaction of the Provost that publishing the MA/MSC thesis or the PhD dissertation in electronic form by the CEU would prevent its publication with a leading academic publisher or if there are well documented and convincing reasons to believe that such publication would actually or potentially result in threatening the life, health or well-being of the author or another individual.

            If the you believe that one of the above is the case, please contact the CEU Provost who will consider your case. In order to receive a favorable decision, you will need to provide sufficient proof or argument (e.g. a contract or a letter from a publisher, or anything that might serve a similar function, or explain the danger you might suffer should the thesis be published).

            Please note that your decision and your entry will be communicated to the Provost as well as your department's coordinator, who must acknowledge it before you can upload your thesis.

            When you read and understood the procedure, and the effect of restricting the circulation of your paper, please click on Continue.

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            • STEP 5 - Choose your preferred restriction period

              Decide what is the restriction period for your thesis (1 or 2 years). 

              When you've read how to proceed to restrict the circulation of your thesis, you can still grant CEU the right to distribute your thesis without any restriction. Or, alternatively, set the time limit of restriction, and give your reasons.


              • The request you provide here will be emailed automatically to the Provost, your Coordinators and the site admins.
                Please provide here substantial reasons.
              • If you select to restrict the electronic availability of your thesis you will not be able to upload the PDF file until your request is acknowledged by your Coordinator on ETD. Not necessarily, but this may prevent you from uploading your thesis by the submission deadline. If this would be the case inform your Coordinator about the situation.

              Click "Continue" when finished.

              Figure 5 - Choosing restriction period

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              • STEP 6 - Accept License Agreement

                Depending on the copyright license you opted for, you will be presented with a license agreement. You can print it out, revise your choices or accept the license.

                Figure 6 - Confirm License Agreement

                The "License Agreement" is a legal document required by Hungarian and International Law. (Click on the link to read full text of the License Agreement.)

                Please read carefully before signing as you would do with any other legal document. You can also print out the agreement by clicking on the middle button.

                By signing this electronic agreement, you give CEU the rights to store, and include your work in its Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection. You also allow CEU to make backup copies if necessary for safety purposes.
                The Agreement reaffirms some of your rights, such as the right to use the thesis in any derived work, publish it wherever and whenever you find it appropriate, and explicitly forbids CEU to use your submitted work any way not consistent with the goals of the ETD Collection.

                In the Agreement you warrant the originality of your work, that it does not infringe into anyone else's rights, and you waive your rights for any financial compensation. It contains a paragraph on limiting the circulation of your thesis as you set it previously.

                You must accept the License Agreement before you can upload any document. To accept the license scroll down to the bottom of the license's text field.

                You might reconsider the conditions of the Agreement later, but in that case the uploaded document will be deleted.

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                • STEP 7 - Upload your Thesis / Dissertation

                  Upload the PDF

                  Click on “Choose file“ to locate your PDF and on “Upload” to copy it on the ETD server.

                  The file name does not really matter, it will not appear publicly.

                  "Comment to this version" field is just for your conveninece, you can write here a reminder which version is uploaded. Such a comment might be, e.g., page 25 corrected. The content of this field, next to the date and time of the upload, is listed.

                  Figure 7 - Upload PDF

                  Important details:

                  • Only bookmarked PDF files are accepted. Here you can find tutorials how to generate a bookmarked PDF.
                  • There should be NO special settings - like security options set - in your PDF, otherwise you may fail to upload the file.
                    All theses/dissertations in the Library's ETD database are automatically represented in a format where the text cannot be copied from the document.
                  • Your thesis/dissertation should be in a single file. Having your work devided into several files please merge them together before uploading.
                  • You can upload as many new versions as you want until your submission deadline. Previous version will be automatically deleted when uploading the new one.
                    If you are requested to make changes to your thesis by the examining committee, you must upload the new, corrected electronic version. In case you have no more access to ETD please contact your department's coordinator.

                  Check submission - the watermarked document for hard copy printing

                  After uploading the PDF all submission details (date, time, size, pages, comment, document link) will be listed. Please check the submission by clicking the "View document" link. You should see that a "CEU ETD Collection" watermark should appear on the side of each page.
                  Your department may require you to print and submit this watermarked version as a hard copy of your thesis. The hard copy and the electronically stored version should be identical.

                  Figure 8 - Document uploaded successfully

                  Figure 9 - Submitted document with the "CEU ETD Collection" watermark

                  Plagiarism check

                  Please note, for detecting possible plagiarism, uploaded documents will be submitted for textual similarity review to By submitting a document, you allow your paper to be included in the reference database where it will be used solely for the purpose of detecting further plagiarism. The terms that apply to CEU's use of the service are described on the web site.

                  Log out

                  Clicking on the "Logout" button on the right side leaves the ETD Upload pages. When you log in next time, you will be directed to the "Upload" page immediately.

                  If your access to ETD has been restricted (AFter submission deadline and/or after graduation) you will see a a "you do not need to use this page any more" message.

                  Figure 10 -  Your submission has been accepted; you do not need to use this page any more

                  • STEP 8 - Revise data

                    You can revise your previously made choices, edit thesis data or upload a new document as long as your access to ETD is not restricted by your Coordinator after the submission deadline.
                    You will find a separate tab for Thesis data, License agreement and Thesis upload.

                    Revise Thesis / Dissertation data

                    Thesis data tab shows the bibliographic data of your thesis as well as your contact information. You can edit some of them after clicking on the "Edit Data" button. Don't forget to correct the thesis title here if it changed.

                    Figure 9 - Check and edit the submitted thesis data

                    Revise License Agreement

                    Under this tab you can review the License Agreement you've signed.

                    Figure 10 - Check the License Agreement

                    You can revise the License Agreement you've signed, that is e.g. to change the settings from electronic availability restriction to granting CEU the license to make your thesis/dissertation electronically available. (This could be the situation if you've applied for a License restriction but your request has been rejected by the Provost.) Or vice versa. 
                    Note, if you cancel the agreement, the uploaded document is deleted, and you must restart the uploading process.

                    To cancel the agreement do this:

                    1. Navigate to the License Agreement tab.
                    2. Tick at the bottom of the page: "I acknowledge that when I cancel the License Agreement, my uploaded document will be deleted, and I have to upload my thesis again."
                    3. Click "Cancel agreement."
                    4. You will be redirected back to the Copyright License page where you can select the option (no restriction / restriction) you need.
                    5. You can upload the thesis (if no restriction was selected) or you have to wait with thesis upload until your request is approved (if applied for a restriction).
                    • STEP 9 - Finish process

                      The upload process finishes here. Until the deadline for the submission of your electronic thesis, you will be able to access the ETD server again, re-upload your thesis, change the thesis details and your personal data, etc.

                      Figure 11 - After logging out