Section Name Description
[1] January 7 - The international political economy of radium Single File Lavine The First Atomic Age
[2] January 9 - Nuclear migrations: Central European linkages Multiple files (Folder) Readings
Single File Cultural Exodus from Austria
[3] January 14 - Paths to nuclear fission Single File Hentschel and Hentschel 1996
Single File Physics in Ukraine
Single File Graetzer and Anderson 1971
[4] January 16 - The scale of the Manhattan Project, or, Why Hitler didn't get the Bomb Single File Farm Hall Transcripts
Single File Kevles The Physicists 19_20
Single File Walker Lightning War
Single File Walker American Shadow
[5] January 21 - Moral economies of bombmaking Single File Weisskopf The Joy of Insight
Single File Feynman_Surely You're Joking
Single File Kiernan_The Girls of Atomic City
[6] January 23 - Hiroshima and Nagasaki Multiple files (Folder) Czech newspapers

Právo Lidu, Svobodné Slovo, Lidová Demokracie, Mladá Fronta

Multiple files (Folder) Bojovnik
Multiple files (Folder) Yugoslav newspapers
Multiple files (Folder) Cumhuriyet
Multiple files (Folder) East German newspapers
Multiple files (Folder) Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Multiple files (Folder) Times of India
Multiple files (Folder) British newspapers
[7] January 28 - How did the atomic bomb become an unconventional weapon? Single File Stimson Decision Harpers 1947
Single File Gordin Five Days in August
Single File Weart Nuclear Fear
[8] January 30 - The Soviet bomb and the second atomic age Single File Stalin's Secret Order
Single File Sakharov Memoirs chs 6, 7, 11
Single File Russia has the bomb
[9] January 31 - Beyond spycraft: Knowledge of the enemy Multiple files (Folder) Gordin Red Cloud at Dawn
[11] February 25 - Nuclear spaces: Hanford Multiple files (Folder) Brown Plutopia
[13] March 3 - Jáchymov/Joachimsthal, the uranium industry, and transnational history Single File Zeman and Karlsch Uranium Matters
Single File Hecht Being Nuclear
[14] March 5 - Nuclear politics Single File Rotblat 1967
[15] March 10 - Life atomic Single File Hersey Hiroshima
Single File Creager Life Atomic
Single File Sakharov Memoirs ch14
Single File Hersey The New Yorker
[16] March 12 - Atoms for peace Single File Schmid 2011
Multiple files (Folder) Hercik 1956
[17] March 17 - Atomic millenialism: Learning to love the Bomb Single File Savants in Clash on Atomic Perils
[19] March 19 - Cold War science diplomacy Single File Pestre and Krige 1992
[20] March 24 - The International Atomic Energy Agency Single File Scheinman 1987
Single File Holloway 2016
[21] March 26 - Mutually Assured Deconstruction Single File Eisenhower 1961
Single File Oral report, Net Evaluation Subcommittee, 1963
[22] March 31 - Making history Single File Arendt Intro into Politics
Single File Arendt On Revolution
Single File O'Connor 2013
Single File Schell 2010