Section Name Description
1. Public policy and its psychological assumptions (18/4) Single File Session's slide
2. What is a nudge? (21/4) Single File Nudge (2008)
Single File Salvaging the concept of nudge (2013)
Single File Gigerenzer - paternalism (2015)
Single File slides from session 2
3. Predictably irrational—a review of cognitive biases (2/5) Single File Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases
Single File Cognitive Biases Codex
Single File Framing (1981)
Single File Session 3 slides
4. Experimental economics: methods and evidence (5/5) Single File Zero as a special price (2007)
5. Nudging against procrastination (9/5) Single File Ulysses Unbound Chapter 1 (2000)
Single File Staying the Course (2014)
6. Moral issues regarding paternalism, autonomy and respect: illustrated with medical decision-making (12/5) Single File Schwab (2008)
Single File Government Paternalism, Chs. 2-3
Single File Against Autonomy (2013)
7. The Debate: Arguments for and against nudging (16/5) Multiple files (Folder) Against nudging
Multiple files (Folder) For nudging

Articles attached, plus Thaler book

8. Fostering prosocial behaviour (19/5) Single File Psychological Constraints on Egalitarianism (2015)
Single File Anonymity, Reciprocity, and Conformity (2008)
9. Nudging for the poor (23/5) Single File Some consequences of having too little (2012)
Single File Banerjee, Abhijit, et al. (2015)
Single File Ashraf, Nava, Dean Karlan, and Wesley Yin. (2006)
Single File Duflo, E., M. Kremer, and J. Robinson (2011)
Single File Hanna, Mullainathan and Schwartzstein (2012)
10. Evidence based policy making and the efficiency of Nudges (26/5) Single File Behavioral Economics and Public Policy (2015)
Single File Building evidence into education (2013)
Single File A Reduced-Form Apprach to Behavioral Public Finance
Single File Where Is the Land of Opportunity? (2014)
11. Quality control processes (30/5) Single File Slides from Reka Blazsek's talk
The Nudge fair! (2/6) Multiple files (Folder) Nudge fair articles