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[1] January 14 - "The sole agent in nature": The meanings of ενέργεια Page (Text) The lexicon of energy

A collection of early usages of "energy" and related terms in dictionaries and encyclopedias

Single File Smil Energy in world history
[3] January 28 - The political economy of steam power Single File Crosby Children of the Sun ch4
Single File Shulman Coal and Empire ch2
[4] February 4 - Nature's Storehouse, or, Beer and thermodynamics Single File Crosbie Energy ch7
Single File Kuhn Conservation of Energy
Single File Helmholtz 1854 Hungarian 1874
Single File Helmholtz 1854
[5] February 11 - Economics and thermodynamics Single File Gossen Laws of Human Relations
[6] February 18 - Guano and globalization Single File Falusi gazda 1857
[7] February 25 - Labor power and the human motor Single File Rabinbach Human Motor 1990 ch5
[8] March 4 - Petroleum and geopolitics the first time around: Baku, Ploiești, Galicia Single File Frank Oil Empire ch3
Single File Mitchell Carbon Democracy
Single File Pearton 1971
Single File Wolff Russische Naphtha Industrie 1902
[9] March 11 - The expanding scale of electrical networks Single File Steinmetz Future of electricity
Single File Hughes Networks of Power
Single File Lagendijk Electrifying Europe ch3
Single File Schivelbusch Apotheosis
[10] March 18 - Energetics, the biosphere, and the scope of human activity Single File Ostwald Monism 1913
Single File Vernadskii Biosphere
Single File Crosbie Science of Energy ch14
[11] March 25 - Nuclear and renewable energies Single File Lebert wind turbine