Section Name Description
Further resources and recommended reading Single File David C. Lindberg Beginnings of Western Science
Single File Edward Grant Science and Religion
Single File Gary B. Ferngren-Encyclopedia of Science and Religion in the Western Tradition.pdf
Single File Brooke-Science and Religion,some historical perspectives.pdf
Single File Grant Foundations of Modern Science
[2] September 28 - The Greek cosmos. From mythos to logos. Single File Lloyd Magic Reason and Experience
Single File Versnel One God or Many
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[3] October 5 - Plato, Aristotle, and the others Single File Stead Philosophy in Christian Antiquity

Pages 31-79

Single File Grant A history of natural philosophy

Pages 6-26

[4] October 12 - Christian views of Hellenistic natural philosophy Single File Lindberg Science and Early Christianity
[5] October 19 - Medieval natural history and natural philosophy: Tradition and transformation Single File Grant A history of natural philosophy

Pages 97-178

[6] October 26 - Paris 1277 Single File Duhem Father Bulliot
Single File Grant Science and Theology 1986
Single File Kibre Siraisi Universities 1978
Single File James Weisheipl
[7] November 2 - What was at stake in the Copernican revolution? Single File Osiander Introduction
Single File Copernicus Revolutions
Single File Gingerich Copernican Revolution
Single File Westman Copernican Question
Single File Westman references
Single File Geocentric to Heliocentric
[8] November 9 - Natural magic, mathematics, and the Galilean moment Single File Paracelsus.pdf
Single File Copenhaver-Natural Magic,Hermetism and Occultism in Early Moderrn Science.pdf
Single File Harrison-The Bible, Protestantism and the Rise of Natural Sciences.pdf
Single File Bono Word of God 1995
[9] November 16 - Mechanical philosophies Single File Boyle Christian Virtuoso.pdf
Single File Ashworth-Christianity and the Mechanistic Universe.pdf
Single File Schaffer_Godly Men.pdf
[10] November 23 - Newtonian heterodoxies Single File Newton.pdf
Single File Whiston_New Theory of the Earth.pdf
Single File Jacob-Christianity and the Newtonian Worldview.pdf
Single File Manuel Religion of Isaac Newton 1974
Single File Iliffe Religion of Newton
Single File Newton General Scholium extract
Single File Newton Opticks Query 31
[11] November 30 - Darwinian themes Single File Brooke Darwin and Victorian Christianity
[12] December 7 - Cosmology and liberal theology Single File Stanley Eddington
Single File McMullin Religion and cosmology
Single File Kragh Cosmology and Controversy