RELI 5004 - Lecture Series: Center for Religious Studies

Department: Center for Religious Studies
CEU Credits: 0 (zero)

Fall Term 2022 / Spring Term 2023

Instructor: Jean-Louis Fabiani

Office Hours:

RELI 5004 - Lecture Series: Center for Religious Studies features prestigious international guest speakers, invited by the Center of Religious Studies to share their expertise on diverse religion-related topics with CEU faculty and students.

Conditions: Only students who are registered with the CEU Advanced Certificate Religious Studies may be admitted into this course.

Mandatory course for CEU MA1Y and MA2Y students registered with the CEU Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies.

Mandatory course for CEU PhD students registered with the CEU Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies or as CRS Junior Members.

Credit. This is a zero-credit course only offered for Pass/Fail.

Goals and learning outcomes. Guest lecturers are chosen based on the enhanced exposure they can offer to CEU Religious Studies students in regards to new Religious Studies-related fields, methodologies, ground-breaking research and developments, as well as providing an opportunity to our students to interact with some of the field's most distinguished thinkers.

IN-PERSON ATTENDANCE OF LECTURES: Students are required to attend live, in-person (or live, on-line) a total of five (5) Religious Studies lectures. They need only be present and make sure they are accounted for on the attendance sheet and to listen to the whole of the lecture to get credit for attendance. There is no written assignment for on-site participants. Only lectures featured/announced on this e-learning page (here) will count towards this course. Additional information on the individual lecture events may be found at the CRS website . Note: Lectures are usually held on Thursdays from 17:30-19:00, but may take place Thursdays, 12:40-14:00 or possibly at other times, should the CEU schedule not accommodate us at our usual time slot.

MAKE-UP HOMEWORK: A written assignment may be submitted in lieu of live, on-site (or live, on-line) lecture attendance. Students may watch a video of any of the lectures featured on this e-learning page (though not all lectures may be filmed) and write a one-page (500 word) summary or critique of the lecture. Please send your homework to CRS Director ( and cc the CRS coordinator Kamran Khurshid (

Assessment. Students must register for this course by Fall 2022. They will receive a fall term grade of CN (continued), meaning the class continues for an additional term and your official grade only comes in June. Attendance will be taken at each of the course lectures throughout fall, winter and spring terms. Students must register again for this course in Spring 2023. Students will receive a final grade at the end of spring term. A ‘pass’ will be awarded should the student attend five or more CRS lectures, special seminars, or workshops in academic year 2022/23 which are organized by the Center for Religious Studies and included in the Reli 5004 e-learning page syllabus (here). Those who attend less than five lectures and/or do not provide make-up homework for missed sessions will fail the course. ALL LECTURE HOMEWORK (WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS) ARE DUE BY 1 JUNE 2023.