What does it mean to display public history? What role can a history museum play in making history accessible and exciting for wide audiences? How is the work of the history museum distinct from that of the university? In this course we will explore the inner workings of the history museum, specifically the Wien Museum, Vienna’s city museum. During the course, students will be introduced the structure of the museum, from finance, to conservation, exhibition development, education, marketing, on-line strategies, and curatorial research. We will discuss how all the various departments of the museum work together and the many decisions that go into creating exhibitions, from graphic design and architecture to loans and public programming. Students will discover how the museum balances the care and protection of its historical objects with its mandate to make them accessible to the public. Through site visits to the museums’ locations and meetings with a wide range of museum staff, students will learn what it takes to exhibit, research, and educate the public about history and consider the unique potential of the museum to make history relevant today.