Section outline

  • HTML – Hypertext Markup Language

    Click with the right mouse button – View page source
    The code for webpages. Not a programming language, anybody can learn it, but there are very powerful editors for business and personal purposes.
    Business: a whole different profession, which requires several skills: programming knowledge, graphic design, marketing, content management. Thus it is for teams with a programmer, designer, content manager, and writer. 
    For personal use there are online applications, blog motors.

    • WIX – free online website editor

      Warning: this is a business application! There are more features for a yearly fee e.g. own domain name. It is your decision whether you would like to use these features.
      Lots of features for marketing, online store, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), etc.
      This course: only the basics
      Personal professional:
      Similarities: domain name is the same

      Registration procedure

      Register – Sign up: with Facebook, with Google, with your e-mail address
      With e-mail address for security reasons. You will receive a registration e-mail.




      • Create your website with the WIX Editor.

        Start with WIX Editor.

        • Choose Other template.
        • WARNING! Once you chose your template, you cannot change to another theme. You need to delete it and start over from scratch.
        • Nevertheless you can change almost everything within a template (colors, links, background, images)
        • Search for a topic, e.g. horse, see the equestrian site
        • Welcome video



        • Site: save your site first!
        • Username = email – you can change it later in Account Settings (top right corner)
        • Instead of „mysite” give a meaningful name
        • Preview your site – Back to editor
        • Publish your site: only those will know your address, who you tell
        • Dashboard - My Site

        Site Manager - Overview

        • Site Actions
          • Preview Site
          • Connect Domain
          • Rename Site
          • Duplicate Site
          • Transfer Site
          • Delete Site
        • Site Basics
          • Site Name
          • Address
          • Publish Status
        • Language and Region
        • Social – Your Facebook address
        • Roles and Permissions: other editors (Friend, business partner)

        WIX Editor Menu:


        • Background
        • Add:

        Site, Tools, Help, Upgrade

        • Pages

          • Start with a Blank Template
          • Page Name vs. Page Title
          • Page Structure:
            • Header
            • Body
            • Footer
          • Pages:
            • Background
            • Text
            • Image
            • Shapes
            • Buttons
            • Etc.
          • Menus
            • Adding a Menu
            • Customizing Design, Color, Font
          • Images
            • Uploading your own images
            • Adding free WIX images
            • Creating image galleries

          • Pages Contnued

            • Links with Buttons
              • Linking a button to a page
              • Linking a button to an external url
              • Editing Your Button Text
            • Videos
              • Adding a video from Youtube
            • Contact information
              • Adding a Google Map
              • Creating a Contact Form
              • Adding  Facebook Like Button
            • Accessing the Mobile Editor
              • Click the Switch Editor Views icon on the top bar of the Editor.
              • Click Edit Mobile View.

            Advanced features

            • Blog
            • Apps
            • Upgrade

            • Create your own page

              Practice with consultation