Teacher Faq - course editing

Videos - Panopto

How to share / publish your videos in Moodle?

I. Quick method with the Panopto video activity

With the Quick method, you can add the video into the course as a Panopto video activity - enrolled students will have access automatically. This is the simplest / recommended method.

  • Open the course > Turn editing on > Add an activity or resource > Select Panopto video > Click on "select content". 

A pop-up window will appear. 

Important: If you get an error message or the popup window prompts you to log in:

a) If you have your video on your computer

 select the "Upload' tab. Select the video from your computer > wait until it is uploaded > Click insert and save the form.

If you do not change the default folder, the video will be uploaded into the Panopto folder of the course. After the upload/processing is ready, students will have access.

b) If you have the video in Panopto already

Choose the folder > Select the video > Click insert and save the form.

If the video is not stored in the folder of the course, students will have access. but other teachers of the Moodle course will not have editing rights, they will be able to view it only.

Rare issues:  The authentication to Panopto may fail occasionally - if this happens you will see a login screen in the small window. If this happens, close the small window, log in again, and repeat the process.

II. Embed the videos into any Moodle content

You can embed videos from any place where you can use the Moodle text editor - like descriptions, summaries, forum posts, labels, links etc. (Add an activity > label)
The icon is the last one in the first row.

A new page will load that will allow you to select an existing video, upload new content, or record with the Panopto for Windows or Mac client.

Detailed help regarding this:

Important note:
It is recommended to not overuse the "embed" method on the main page of the courses as it can increase the loading times significantly and students may experience issues with browser cache. T

Student access to videos:

If the videos are placed into the folder of the course in Panopto (default), then all students of the course will be able automatically to watch them when they enter the course (where you embed them, and also from the Panopto block - if it is available for them).

When a student first enters a course, the Moodle page may load before the permission sync from accessing the Panopto block has completed. If they have access issues for the first time, they just need to use an incognito window to avoid cache problems.

If you embed a video from a different Panopto folder (a folder for a different Moodle course or your personal "my folder" in Panopto), then students of the course will not be able to watch it by default.

You need to either:


If your students have problems watching the videos:
- Check if the video is in the correct folder in Panopto, and the student is assigned on the course in Moodle
- If they still have issues, ask them to use an incognito window to avoid cache problems.