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Videos - Panopto

How to create videos with Panopto?

1. Who can create videos in Panopto?

As your Moodle course is connected to Panopto, an account is automatically created for users with a teacher/coordinator role.  The authentication will happen from Moodle automatically.

Basically every teacher/coordinator has editor/creator role by default (students has viewer rights) 

Important note: rights on a higher level are insufficient - this may happen with coordinators, they need to be assigned to a course directly to use Panopto in it.

2. Download / install the desktop software

From the  Panopto block, you can download and install the Panopto software.

Help for Windows

Help for Mac

Alternatively, you can open up the Panopto interface with the "Open Panopto account" link, and use it from your browser directly with limited recording options.

The desktop app may ask you to log in to Panopto. At the login screen, select "CEU ADFS" then provide your CEU email address/password to log in.

The site should fill in the server name automatically, in this does not happen for any reason, copy in: https://ceu.cloud.panopto.eu

3.  How to record videos

a) You can find detailed help on the Panopto website:

b) Open your Panopto account with the link in the block:
Upload already created videos from your computer

4. How to edit the videos

a) Cut out parts
e) Add other sources into the video - webpage, youtube video, an additional secondary source (video)

5. Video settings in Panopto (advanced)

If you need further help regarding Panopto, contact the classroom support.